ITServ Technology prepares for global expansion in its 10th year

ITServ Technology Marks a Decade Milestone, Expands Globally with Offices in London, Dubai, and Riyadh

As it celebrates its 10th anniversary, ITServ Technology, the pioneering force behind meeting the technology needs of organizations in Turkey, is gearing up for global expansion. The company, a subsidiary of ITGroup, has laid out plans to establish new offices in key international hubs, including London, Dubai and Riyadh, solidifying its commitment to becoming a prominent player on the global technology stage.

A decade of success: Foundation for Global Ascent

ITServ Technology, the gateway to technology for Turkish organizations, celebrated its 10th anniversary with business partners and reflected on a decade of triumphs. CEO Mehmet Ertan Erdoğan highlighted the journey, stating, “We are proud to have achieved the goals we set when we started. So far, we have carried out many important projects in Turkey and the region and have become one of the leaders in the industry. Now we want to continue and expand these achievements internationally.

Global presence for local solutions

As a subsidiary of ITGroup, ITServ Technology has been instrumental in bringing Turkish businesses into the digital age with locally developed software and global solutions. With projects in 10 countries across the Middle East and Europe, the company is poised to elevate its status in the global technology league. The strategic expansion into London, Dubai and Riyadh aims to provide a more effective and comprehensive service on a global scale.

Beyond borders: ITServ as a Global Software & Technology Department

ITServ Technology, which functions as a software and technology department within companies, has a professional staff that specializes in software and hardware technologies. The company’s portfolio of services includes systems integration, cloud technologies, and engineering, allowing business partners to stay on top of technology developments without sacrificing time or resources.

Innovative Offerings: ITOC – Turkey’s first home monitoring software

In addition to its core services, ITServ Technology differentiates itself through the development of proprietary software. In particular, the company offers ITOC (IT Operation Center), Turkey’s first certified domestic and national monitoring software product. ITOC enables organizations to monitor their entire technology infrastructure 24/7, providing a robust solution for seamless operations and increased security.

As ITServ Technology enters its second decade, the company’s foray into global markets positions it as a formidable competitor, combining local expertise with a global footprint.

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