Cloud4Next emerges as powerhouse to guide enterprises on their cloud journey

In a strategic move, ITGroup’s cloud technology brand, ITCloud, has transformed into Cloud4Next to position itself as a global leader in cloud technologies. The newly rebranded Cloud4Next has an ambitious vision to become the largest exporter of cloud technologies by offering the offerings of the world’s top four cloud service providers alongside its infrastructure solutions. This initiative will guide enterprises through their digital transformation and enable them to compete on a global scale.

Cloud4Next Genel Müdürü Tunca Taşçı
Cloud4Next Genel Müdürü Tunca Taşçı

Cloud4Next is not just a name change; it represents a shift in services and goals. General Manager Tunca Taşçı emphasizes that the company is ready to showcase its competence as a Turkish company in the European and Middle Eastern cloud market. With offices strategically located in Istanbul, London, Dubai, and Riyadh, Cloud4Next aims to make a significant contribution to the Turkish economy by generating foreign currency through technology exports.

“In the new period, we want to prove how competent we are as a Turkish company in the European and Middle Eastern cloud market and earn foreign currency for our country by exporting technology,” says Tunca Taşçı.

Harnessing the power of AI for business growth

Cloud4Next sees cloud technologies not only as an infrastructure necessity but also as a key driver for business growth. Tunca Taşçı highlights the pivotal role of big data and artificial intelligence in boosting productivity across industries. By leveraging these technologies, Cloud4Next aims to help businesses develop competitive strategies and ultimately bring cloud technology to Turkey’s Anatolian region.

Taşçı asserts, “We aim to bring cloud technology to Anatolia in Turkey and bring organizations to a level where they can compete with foreign companies.”

Encouraging local talent and data security

Beyond business goals, Cloud4Next is committed to keeping its customers’ data in Turkey through its local data centers and solutions. The company also plays a key role in addressing employment challenges in the IT sector by mentoring and training young talent in cloud technologies.

Cloud4Next sees itself not just as a technology provider, but as a shaper of the future, actively contributing to the growth of the sector through training programs that equip individuals with in-demand skills.

Cloud4Next: Navigating Turkey’s growing cloud market

Cloud technologies are gaining significant traction in Turkey, with approximately 40% of businesses using these solutions and the market growing at a robust rate of around 20% per year. The size of the Turkish cloud market has reached an impressive $200 million. Cloud4Next, with its unique approach of offering products and services from major global cloud service providers, aims to be a leader in the Turkish market, mirroring the risk-sharing model widely adopted by U.S. companies.

Tunca Taşçı envisions Cloud4Next as a pioneer in this field in Turkey, combining global expertise with innovative solutions to not only serve its existing partners but also to bring new organizations into the cloud realm.

Brand’s transformation from ITCloud to its current avatar reflects not just a rebranding effort, but a strategic evolution that positions the company at the forefront of Turkey’s cloud revolution. With its global vision and commitment to excellence, Cloud4Next is poised to guide companies on their cloud journey and leave an indelible mark on the rapidly evolving landscape of cloud technologies.

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